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With more than 15,000 golf courses across the U.S. and a rapidly changing player base, golf courses can no longer stick with the status quo or their profits will choke. Each generation of players wants a different golf experience, and a tougher economy makes golfers more particular about when and where they play.

Today, your golf course is not just competing against courses across town; you’re up against clubs around the world, all vying to drive your members to their fairways. It’s no longer good enough to be a player in golf course promotion – you have to be a master.


To earn the most green from your greens, Caddie Maxx’s pros offer personalized instruction focused on ensuring your sales are on the upswing. Golf is a game of precision and efficiency, and we apply those same principles to your custom marketing strategy. Understanding your players and competitors as well as industry conditions and hazards, we design a comprehensive interactive campaign that drives your messaging, keeps your strategy on course, and helps you score an ace in the online marketplace.

With Caddie Maxx as your marketing pro and a willingness to connect with your current and potential players online, you can turn a golf novice into a casual golfer, a casual golfer into an avid player, and an avid player into a lifetime club member.

Our mix of golf course marketing options includes:

Website Design
Your website should be your best salesperson.

Email Marketing
Got some exciting upcoming news? People love receiving emails! Even while out on the golf course.

Text Messaging
Want to get more golfers to your course? Blast them with a text offer!

Social Media
Got some exciting upcoming news? People can be easily notified through Facebook and other social media!

Reputation Management
We will collect and maintain a quality image for your golf course.

Video Production
Need to have a high quality video produced for your golf course? Get in touch!

At Caddie Maxx, our goal is to push your search engine trajectory only one way – up. Through our industry-leading search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, specially customized for the golf course market, we can help maximize your visibility on the leading search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo, by increasing your rankings for those keywords most relevant to your course and location.

Research shows that 97 percent of consumers search for businesses online before making decisions on where to spend their money. If your site is out-of-bounds, your prospective players will visit the sites of competitors they can easily find on the search engines. In fact, according to Search Engine Watch, the top three positions on page one of Google receive 58.4 percent of all user clicks.

Scoring a top placement in the search engines can be as difficult as playing a ball out of a hazard. Yet, in the competitive world of golf course marketing, if you’re not among the top players in search, you’re not in the game. When you create a custom app, it’s prominently displayed on your users’ phones, reinforcing your brand and encouraging them to check in at any time of day, even when they’re on your greens.

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