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Get The Most Out Of Your Online Shop Using Shopial

Do you have a shiney new online shop, with a service like Shopify or Etsy, and you simply aren’t making your sales goals? Promoting your items on Facebook is one idea, but what if your store actually existed on Facebook? We’ve discovered a new tool called Shopial that will allow your online store to exist
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Get in tune with your prospects using Answer The Public

Have you ever wanted easier access to the questions your prospects have been asking? Knowing what questions your prospects are asking about your niche can help you produce better content, and help you rank better in search engines. For a while now one way to do this was to type in a keyword, and take
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How to Research your Competitors with iSpionage

If you’re thinking about starting a Pay Per Click campaign, or you’re looking to improve your organic ranking in search engines, the place to start is competitor research. Looking at the keywords your competitors put money into, or rank for, can help you be much more maneuverable and ahead of the curve when it comes
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Get More Engagement From Your Social Media Photo Shares Using Canva

By and large, image posts perform best on nearly every social media network. The need to be able to quickly design an image to help reach your audience is more necessary than ever.If you don’t have a team handling your social media marketing, you can make more than passable images to engage your audience using
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Finding content for your social media pages a struggle? This week’s tool can help.

Find Proven, Relevant, Content with EpicBeat After a while of keeping your audience engaged, perhaps having a couple of successful posts, you start to realize that finding good content to share on social media is a constant up-hill battle.It’s not easy to get or keep your business relevant on social media. Having the ability to quickly
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Tools Tuesday: Find Out What Works On Top Performing Facebook Pages With SumoRank

Discover Strategies and Takeaways for Improving Your Facebook Pages It’s high time we introduce a tool that will help you make sense of Facebook metrics, to improve overall Facebook marketing efforts.We all need to know what days are best for posting, what times are best for posting, what type of content is best received by
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