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Email Perfects Your Marketing Follow-Through. Each golfer on your greens has a unique relationship with your course. She might be a retired Baby Boomer who visits a few times a week to play 18 holes and enjoy dinner in the clubhouse. Or he might be a Gen X’er with a busy family and a limited budget who can only play an executive course as his schedule allows.

Building one-on-one relationships with each player in your diverse roster is critical to your course success and easier than you ever imagined! Email marketing services from Caddie Maxx allow you to customize your marketing message for each player segment based on consumer behavior and deliver it efficiently, quickly and affordably to each player’s email inbox. With just one swing, your message hits the right target every time – are your stats on the course as good as that?

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Caddie Maxx offers customized templates specifically branded to your course. Integrated with your website and databases, you can grow your email registrations, segment your players and manage multiple marketing lists. Whether you’re sending a last-minute offer, your monthly newsletter or any other promotion, your lists are ready to go, and your email template creative can be modified in just minutes. Plus, you can track results in real-time to check the effectiveness of your campaign.

Email marketing helps you connect with your players long after they leave your club for the day in a variety of ways:

Email Promotions and Coupons

Offer green fee discounts, special offers at your pro shop or discounts on event planning to increase traffic and grow sales.

Announcements and Invites

Keep your players on top of any breaking news, such as weather conditions, upcoming tournaments or social events.

Monthly E-newsletter

Players will look forward to receiving your latest news each month, spotlighting all the happenings at your club.

Online Surveys

Survey your members and visitors to improve course features, strengthen customer service and explore new areas of business.

Rewards Programs and Clubs

Rewards programs encourage repeat visits to your course while birthday and anniversary clubs are a great way to thank guests for their patronage.

How you communicate with each customer segment can make a huge difference for your course, differentiating you from your competitors and driving sales. Email marketing from Caddie Maxx is a win-win for everyone – your players benefit from special promotions and offers customized to their unique needs and you score higher profits at a low cost.

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