Online Reputation Management for Golf Courses

Your Online Reputation Should be a Hole-in-One, Not a Hazard

Because your golf course is impeccably run and customer-oriented, it’s rare you receive a negative complaint.

However, one complaint can quickly snowball online, whether it’s a legitimate, genuine criticism or one worked up by a disgruntled employee or competitor. Angry customers no longer confront a manager – instead, they post their experience on social media, review sites and other stops online where they’re possibly seen and shared by other golfers. In fact, Social Media Today found that 22 percent of people are likely to post about bad experiences while only 9 percent of customers who had a good experience will do the same.

You and your staff care about your players and work too hard to let ill-placed negatively ruin your reputation. With online reputation management services from Caddie Maxx, we can help your golf course stand out online not for a handful of bad reviews, but for the incredible services, features and customer experiences you offer!

Using ethical and legitimate reputation management strategies specifically developed for golf courses, Caddie Maxx will work with your club to monitor chatter about your business online, help you engage more effectively with your current and potential customers, and respond to customer feedback – both good and bad. Once you know where your business stands online, you can use the information to perform the following:


Respond to posts and reviews on social media. Encourage positive posts by thanking your fans and retweeting their comments. On the flip side, respond to any negative posts by responding to the poster and addressing his or her concerns. Studies have found only 13 percent of complaint tweet sent to businesses ever receive a response.


Use negative reviews and comments to critique your customer service efforts and see if changes need to be made.


Update and refresh your site content, blogs, videos, and social media posts with positive content to boost your rankings on the search engines.


Confront site owners that post libelous information about you on their sites. While you can’t – and shouldn’t try to – force a site to remove legitimate complaints, we can help alert you to any defamatory or unlawful content.


Build better relationships with customers, fellow businesses, the media, and other target markets both online and offline.

Every business has its fans and its detractors. Through a customized reputation management strategy, your golf course can identify who’s taking about you online and take the next steps to interacting with them in a way that’s beneficial to your bottom line.

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