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How to Research your Competitors with iSpionage


If you’re thinking about starting a Pay Per Click campaign, or you’re looking to improve your organic ranking in search engines, the place to start is competitor research.

Looking at the keywords your competitors put money into, or rank for, can help you be much more maneuverable and ahead of the curve when it comes to keyword strategy, and running a PPC campaign.

It’s not always easy to research your competitors as thoroughly as you would like. It’s easy to find bits and pieces of the info you need, but few tools give you a more comprehensive look at your competitors than iSpionage.


iSpionage lets you see your competitor’s PPC/keyword strategy laid bare. You can find out what keywords they rank for, how well they’re ranking for them, which keywords they put money into for PPC, how much they’re spending on those campaigns, how well those campaigns are doing, actual shots of their ads – I could keep going… Their competitor research is truly comprehensive.

This information is indispensable for your own PPC campaigns/research and it won’t cost you anything.

PPC and keyword planning are crucial parts of any online marketing effort. With iSpionage you won’t be left wondering how a competitor is ranking organically, or how they’re utilizing PPC.

If you would like to learn more or are interested in having Caddie Maxx improve your rankings organically or to run PPC campaigns, shoot us an email or give us a call!


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