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Tools Tuesday: Find Out What Works On Top Performing Facebook Pages With SumoRank

Discover Strategies and Takeaways for Improving Your Facebook Pages

It’s high time we introduce a tool that will help you make sense of Facebook metrics, to improve overall Facebook marketing efforts.

We all need to know what days are best for posting, what times are best for posting, what type of content is best received by our audience.

These are just a few things that play into taking your Facebook marketing to the next level. SumoRank is a tool we’ve come across recently that helps tremendously. It’s a tool that doesn’t cost anything and shows comprehensive data of Facebook metrics.


SumoRank is a tool best used to get information on successful Facebook pages. We haven’t been able to get this tool to work on smaller FB pages, but SumoRank is a relatively new service by BuzzSumo and given how useful BuzzSumo is, I would expect this service to be able to get data on smaller FB pages in no time.

What you can do is look into a relatively major FB page and get all sorts of useful info. It will show you what types of posts they’ve had success with, days and times with most engagement, the exact posts they've had the most success with, and much more. You can glean a lot from the data SumoRank pulls back on any given FB page that is enjoying some success. The takeaways are myriad.

We know that business owners need to focus on running their business. At Caddie Maxx, you might call us social media scientists; we consider the data, and get results from the actions we take, guided by good data.

We know how to produce top content, engage customers/potential customers, and handle social media marketing professionally.

Get it touch with us and we can tell you more about our social media support package!


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